From work mode to rest

I ran into an idea worth sharing from the book Deep Work by Cal Newton.  He shared in the book the need to turn off from work so that we can rest our minds and bodies for the work of the morrow.  He implied that we are often tired because we have not given our minds and bodies adequate rest from work because we are doing a little (often minimally productive) work at home.  The disruption is a distraction from the whole process of renewal the body need to undergo to awaken refreshed and renewed for the next day.

Here’s some of how he shuts down.  First, one has to make the commitment not to work once one has shut down.  We need to build in our bodies genuine permission to rest from work and not be on all the time when it comes to emails, texts, and deadlines.  He says it is better to lengthen one’s work day than to shut down but take up work again.

Next, check email one last time to make sure there are no messages that need your immediate attention.  Check your calendar for the next two days to make sure no appointments sneak up on you.  Look at your to do list to make sure there is nothing that needs immediate attention.  Take the time to rough out the next day’s activities and what you hope to accomplish.  Then intentionally turn off.

Jesus had turn off time.  We read that he looked to get away.  It didn’t always work, but he tried.  And he didn’t heal on every Sabbath.  What if we were as intentional?  God bless you as you give it a go.

Keep living the Kingdom,

Pr. Bill

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