Special Events

Friedens has lots of special events coming up but this Sunday, November 4 is All Saints Sunday. We will be having a Graveyard Scavenger Hunt. We recognize that this is a sensitive time for everyone. We thought it would be fun to incorporate a little history with some exploration. It’s a great way to recognize some of our roots. Be sure to wear walking shoes!

Here are the questions and answers to the Scavenger Hunt:

Graveyard Scavenger Hunt: Answer the following questions:

What is the last name on the tallest monument in the graveyard? Summers

How many entrances lead into the cemetery? 3

Who is memorialized at the flagpole? Harriet C. McClelland

Find the “Peace Garden”. What two scriptures are on the cross monument? John 11:25-26; 1 Corinthians 2:9

Find the gravestone that looks like two tree stumps. What words can you read off the stone? Paylor, Mother, Father, Born March 27, 1816. Died Nov. 14

Find a stone with the last name that begins with a “K”. What name did you find? Ketchie, Kivett

What is the name of the two people to contact regarding cemetery issues? Ed Loy, Robert Miles

How many stones have names in the Peace Garden? 8

Find the tombstone with a guitar on it. What is the last name on the tombstone? Ridge

What do the steps in the middle of the graveyard mark? Original church site

Find the white gravestone with a bible on it to Robert A. Miles, Jr. What is the last name of the poet quoted on the monument? Emerson

Find the revolutionary war soldier sarcophagus (above ground tomb) marked by a green circle. What rank was Peter Summers?Captain