Accept the Invitation

How many parties and celebrations have you been invited to? For some, we are again invited to feasts and celebrations that have become a yearly tradition. For others, we are RSVPing to get-togethers with friends for the first time. We attend for a variety of reasons, but we plan on having a good time with those we know and those we will get to know. Maybe, we’ll even make a new best friend?

This is the season of invitations. One day, Andrew and another disciple heard John call Jesus the Lamb of God. As they were checking Jesus out, Jesus asked—What are you looking for? They asked—Where are you staying? Jesus invited them—Come and see. This began a long season where they did life with Jesus.

This season, Jesus offers you an invitation to come and see who he is? Come learn the ways of our Lord. Learn how to fish for people. Do so by doing life with others in our community of faith. Learn a deeper path of discipleship that includes embracing the teaching of others to obey everything commanded by our Lord. How will you answer the invitation?

Come and see,

Pastor Bill

Success in Faithful Living sermon notes

Some key elements in faithful living according to Jesus in Luke 9:51-62

  • Have a clearly defined purpose (v. 51)

  • 1. a. Define what God wants you do.

    (After 40 days, Jesus knew)

    b. Determine what you are willing to give.

    (Jesus knew it would cost his life.)

    c. Establish a definite date when it will be done. Create a plan and begin at once, whether you are ready or not, to put it into action.

    (Jesus had a clear plan beginning with his baptism and the call of his first disciples.)

    d. Write out a clear concise statement of what God wants you to do, what you’ll give, the time frame, and your plan.

    e. Go over this plan every morning and evening allowing yourself to both feel and believe you already are doing. (Jesus prayed in evenings and mornings.)

    f. Believe it will happen and let yourself imagine what your life will look like when it is happening.  (Jesus called this praying and believing you have already received it.)

    2. Learn to let go and move on. (v. 56)

    3. Eliminate distractions. (v. 58)

    4. Give up excuses. (vs. 60,62)

    successful living

    Jesus says, just as I have loved you, you should love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples if you have a love for one another.

    For most of us, June marks the start of the summer season. Our youth get out of school. We get out of the house off on vacations to the beach or the mountains or to see relatives or to places we’ve never been. We look forward to fresh corn, tomatoes, melons, squash, beans, peppers, and other vegetables. We fire up the grill or stoke a fire in the pit to serve up meats kissed with our favorite smokes—mesquite, oak, hickory, cherry, and apple woods. We have many opportunities to show love like Jesus is talking about.

    To love like Jesus is to invest in those around you wherever you are, whenever you are with them. On vacation, will we venture to strike up a meaningful conversation with that parent who looks like they are struggling? Will we share the produce of our gardens with that neighbor who is living off food stamps? Will we invite those we don’t know well to our backyard parties so that we might get to know them? There are so many ways we can love like Jesus.

    How about us as a church? As we make plans for the summer and for the fall, how can Friedens show the people of Gibsonville that we care about them—that Jesus cares about them? I’d like to invite you to look around, dream a little, and share with me your ideas how we can reach out to the people of Gibsonville. You can text me or leave a voice mail message at 336-693-7000. I’ll look forward to hearing your ideas. May we not only kick off the start of the summer season, may we also kick off the start of showing and sharing Jesus’ love in a fresh, new way.

    Pastor Bill
    make a difference