Happy Summer

Vacations. Where are you going and what will you be doing this summer to get away from work, enjoy family and friends, and do something recreational that will revive your spirit? For some folks that means going away—North, West, South , or extreme East—to reconnect to family far away. For others a vacation is travelling the world seeing new sights—pyramids, towers, cathedrals, castles, rolling hillsides, rugged cliff faces, and glaciers. For some of us, vacation means taking some time to simply be at home and enjoy one’s surroundings—little day jaunts or a project around home, but truly trying to rest and relax at home. However you take time to vacation this summer, may it bring you rest and refreshment so that you are at peace and energized for the days ahead.

In Mark chapter 6, Jesus shows us the need for vacation—away from the crowds, away from the demands, and time away to be with Father God. Now Jesus and his disciples are recognized and that stirs up a crowd to come see them. But still at Jesus leading, they try to get away to rest. Jesus himself even needs some alone time sending the disciples ahead in a boat, spending time in prayer with God.

So may God bless you this summer season with time off, with opportunity to revive your spirit, and with time to reconnect with family and friends.

God’s peace fill you,

Pr. Bill

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