What our Actions Say

How we feel about someone or something will determine how we act toward them. (Cf. Luke 10:25-37) So how do we change how we feel about someone or something especially if we feel badly?

1. Pray for them. This opens us up to God’s perspective.
2. Be kind to them, even if they don’t deserve it. After all, this is how God’s
grace works in our own lives.
3. Find something in them for which to be thankful. Gratefulness generates feelings of joy.
4. Trust God will invoke a change of heart. Nothing is impossible for God.

Can a tiger change his stripes? No. But we are not tigers. We are children of the living God called to approach the world and everyone in it as God approaches us in Christ Jesus. We can grow; we can even change how we feel; and we can learn to act more and more Christ-like every day.

God bless you as you follow this path,

Pastor Bill

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