Success in Faithful Living sermon notes

Some key elements in faithful living according to Jesus in Luke 9:51-62

  • Have a clearly defined purpose (v. 51)

  • 1. a. Define what God wants you do.

    (After 40 days, Jesus knew)

    b. Determine what you are willing to give.

    (Jesus knew it would cost his life.)

    c. Establish a definite date when it will be done. Create a plan and begin at once, whether you are ready or not, to put it into action.

    (Jesus had a clear plan beginning with his baptism and the call of his first disciples.)

    d. Write out a clear concise statement of what God wants you to do, what you’ll give, the time frame, and your plan.

    e. Go over this plan every morning and evening allowing yourself to both feel and believe you already are doing. (Jesus prayed in evenings and mornings.)

    f. Believe it will happen and let yourself imagine what your life will look like when it is happening.  (Jesus called this praying and believing you have already received it.)

    2. Learn to let go and move on. (v. 56)

    3. Eliminate distractions. (v. 58)

    4. Give up excuses. (vs. 60,62)

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