Share the Kingdom of God

Our work is to show and share the kingdom of God with others. Jesus gives us a clear model; showing and sharing the kingdom of God is to invite people into a relationship with God in the midst of our walk and work with them. So in the midst of tragedy or transition, we remind people of God being close to them because we are close. When moments of glad surprise springs up, we cheer the moment and we thank God for the blessing. As opportunities to help arrive, we serve our friends letting our light so shine that they might give glory to our Father. When our faith community gathers, we witness against the isolationist tendencies of our culture showing the power of partnership to make life better for everybody. These are ways we show and share the kingdom of God.

How about you? Where do you see the kingdom of God breaking into your life or the lives of those close to you? Know that your church community stands with you, walks with you, and is supporting you in prayer as you show and share the kingdom of God with others.

The kingdom of God is close,

Pastor Bill Zima
show the kingdom of God

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