Persistent prayer

Hello my friends,

Saturday, May 7 I had a devotional help me with something with which I struggled.  There are at least two schools of thought when it comes to prayer and persisting in prayer.  One school says once you have prayed, you have placed it in God’s hands.  This school then affirms that once it is placed in God’s hands, a person no longer needs to pray about it for God will answer in God’s time.  Faith is reflected in not having to mention it again.

Another school of thought is that we are to pray and keep on praying.  Following Jesus’ parable of the Widow and the Unjust Judge and the parable of The Friend at Midnight, the thinking is that we pray and keep on praying, not because we believe God needs constant reminders, but simply because our connection to God grows as we ask and keep on asking.  We deepen our relationship and our faith because we believe God will answer.  So our persistence is not faithlessness but faithfulness grounded in staying aware of God and God’s coming answer.

The devotional put it this way–Pray until what you pray for has been accomplished or until you have complete assurance in your heart that it will be.  It went on to say: only when one of these two conditions has been met is it safe to stop persisting in prayer, for prayer not only is calling upon God but is also a battle with Satan.  When we persist in prayer, we give God the decision when it is safe to stop petitioning.

I don’t believe one is right and the other wrong.  Instead ask yourself, which one is right for me?

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