Pastor’s Reflection

I thank God for you every day. Many of you are on my personal prayer list so I have the privilege of praying for you nearly every day. I am always impressed at how you connect faith and life. Your trust of Jesus in the midst of the chaos of life inspires my faith. Keep showing and sharing the kingdom of God with everyone you meet by your open dependence upon our Lord.

2019 appears to be well on the way to a breakout year. You have a Church Council that is working on some tough issues. We have committees that have a personal sense of direction and focus. We have deeply committed volunteers who follow God’s call to serve others in Jesus’ name. You are making a difference.

This is also a breakout year because in the midst of our holding fast to Lutheran traditions we are also recognizing and working on how we reach in towards each other and how we reach out to our neighbors. We have to do both well. I am thankful to the folks who continue the tradition of visiting other members of the church. I am thankful to the folks who are dreaming up new ways to engage folks outside our community of faith through social media and new group formation. Our work is to make sure every person finds a place of belonging here among us as they grow into mature disciples of Jesus.

Please look through this newsletter with a calendar in hand. Please get on your calendar the dates, times, and places of events in which you want to participate.

See you at worship,

Pastor Bill

pastors reflection

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