Mission Minute

With a word, God speaks life into being. On a cross, Jesus dies so that eternal life might break into our lives right now. With a rushing sound, the Holy Spirit blows life into expectant disciples. Our God is a God who gives life. For us to participate in the kingdom of God, we take advantage of every opportunity, each day, to give life.

How are you spending your time the rest of this summer? Look for those moments when you can move in another person’s life in ways that show and share the kingdom of God. In the office, at the beach, in the mountains, out in the fields, in church, at the movies, at dinner with friends, on the ball field, in the dance hall, and during the party—challenge yourself to find ways to improve the quality of life for another person. Do something to make a difference so that others can see your good works and recognize the kingdom of God is near, Jesus is close, and God really does love us all.

Kingdom living,

Pastor Bill
mission minute

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