Lent is a time of contemplation and prayer.  We have celebrated the birth of Christ, and all the promises from God that came with His birth.  We have celebrated Epiphany – the time when we really see who Jesus is, and hopefully, what He means in our life.

And now we enter Lent – a time to reflect on what we have recently celebrated.  After every good party, there is a time to sit back and reflect on how the evening went.  We talk about who wore what and who was mad at who, and who might have had a touch too much to drink.  We wonder about the new couplings we saw, and who seems headed for a split.  We talk about the good food, and which dish no one seemed to like, and what we need to make double of next year.

So shouldn’t we do the same after God’s great party?  God gave us a magnificent gift – His own beloved Son.  And we have pulled back the curtain and seen in recent weeks who Jesus really is – our Teacher, our Guide, our Savior.  So now we can spend a few weeks dissecting all that we have revealed.

One of the best ways to reflect on what we know about Jesus, and how He impacts our lives, is through reading the Bible, and prayer.  A few years ago I emailed the Pastor with a quick request for him to pray for a certain person who was nearing the end of his life.  Pastor wrote back “what are you praying for?”

Well that gave me pause.  Wasn’t it enough to just pray for “Joe”?  And wasn’t it enough to simply ask the Pastor to pray for “Joe” as well?  Apparently not.  I needed to be specific.  That simple question from the Pastor has stuck with me in the time since that email exchange.  It’s no longer enough for me to just “pray for Joe”.  I know I need to be deliberate in what I pray.

Why you may ask?  God already knew what “Joe” needed.  Certainly He knew better than I did what “Joe” needed.  But the Pastor’s question did make me stop and think about my prayers for others, and myself.  Not that I’ve got it figured out 100%, because I don’t.  But I do find that asking myself that question before I begin to pray, has enriched my prayer life.

I pray that these devotions will help enrich your prayer life as well.

And always remember – it may be a dark Friday in our lives, but the beautiful wonderful Sunday is coming!!

Thanks to Sylvia P. Greeson for this devotional message.

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