From Entertainment to Interaction

The Rev. William C. Zima

The Rev. William C. Zima


Here at Friedens we host two Pokeman Go sites; one at the little chapel, the other is the graveyard entrance.  Pokeman Go is an example of the amazing way our world has changed.

There was a time when folks sought to be entertained.  Whether a church service, concert in the park, sports event, or social club, folks wanted to feel connected to the action through a combination of mental and emotional stimulation.  Whatever the event, the most rewarding were those that made a person think and helped a person feel.  These same events required very little of those who viewed them because the on-looker didn’t really care to be involved any more than showing up and enjoying.  Have times changed!

We are shifting from a entertainment society to an interactive society.  Pokeman Go is getting people to go out in the world chasing and capturing their Pokeman.  On the way, they have the opportunity to interact with other enthusiasts they encounter at the sites.  And they even have the opportunity to challenge each other.  It’s not enough to sit back and enjoy a video game.  Now, the interactive component is expected.

This is good news for the church.  Jesus was all about interaction.  His ministry never embraced an entertainment element.  His ministry was about forming lasting relationships between our Father and humanity as well as person to person.

What does this mean for the church?  We can no longer expect worship that asks people to sit back and enjoy the ride to provide meaning for living.  We can no longer be the best “show” in town and expect that to be enough.  Our people crave God’s presence in interactive ways, and it’s our work to share the gospel in ways that invite a person to get personal with their Savior, Jesus.  Discipleship is the key.  What does it mean for us as individuals and as a congregation to follow Jesus?  How do we go about inviting others to experience what we experience as we go about bearing Jesus’ presence in our hurting world?  Exciting times, scary times.  And times that Go back into our ancient history when being Christian meant be part of the Way.

God’s favor follow you,


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