Bold Step

We are moving into the season of Lent.  February 10 we will celebrate Ash Wednesday with two services; one at noon, and again at 7 p.m.–to gather and remember that while we are dust and will return to dust, we are held by Our Loving Father who gives us life–now and into eternity.

Lent is also typically a time of fasting.  We give up something we enjoy as a sacrifice that might lead us into deeper revelation of the incredible sacrifice Jesus made for us on the cross.  Some folks, instead of giving something up, add a spiritual practice to their lives for the next 40 days until Easter.  Again this positive sacrifice is meant to create space to reflect on Jesus–the meaning of his life, death, and resurrection–for our own lives.

Maybe we do something different this year?  Maybe what we do is take a gospel, read it, and reflect on the many bold steps Jesus took to show the love of His Father, Our Father in heaven?  Then reflecting on the bold steps Jesus took, we think about a bold step we can take that will have impact on us and our neighbors.

As I read the gospels, the bold step Jesus takes is to LOVE ALL.  He let’s love, the true power of God, bear on every situation–even cleansing the temple.  How will my life be different if I legitimately try to love like Jesus?  What will I be doing each day if I let love move me to act instead of other factors?  How will this change my behavior to the needs of others if I let love move me?  LOVE OPENLY is my bold step.  What bold step does Jesus’ life speak to you?

Kingdom living,


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