Our Staff

Pastor Bill (2)

Pastor Bill Zima was called as the next Pastor to Friedens’s in 2009.  He has lived extensively in the Northern part of the United States.  He graduated from Newberry College, SC in 1988.  After graduation, he worked for McDonalds as a Manager.  He enjoyed the work but felt a higher calling.  He enrolled in Lutheran Theological Southern Seminar, Columbia SC and completed his training.  He graduated in 1998.  After that time, he learned to utilize the skills and training in both careers to help launch stronger programs for the Youth.  He has emphasized that the Youth are the Now.  With this mentality, he is forging new opportunities for growth for the Youth and the Community.  He enjoys hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains, celebrating our Lord and Savior, cooking and seeking out new Restaurants in the area.  Pastor Bill and his wife, Jenni (also an ordained Minister) have a daughter Lydia.  Pastor Bill is always open to new thoughts and ideas and looks forward to serving others in the name of the Lord.




Sharon is the first voice people hear when they call into Friedens.  As the Administrative Secretary, she ensures that members and visitors are able to obtain the most current news within our congregation.  She wears many hats.  We are truly blessed to have her skills.







Sarah brings a joy of music to our 8:30 service.  The 8:30 service is dedicated to Contemporary Worship.  Sarah is instrumental in helping to create wonderful additions to the service and we are truly blessed to have her with us.



Elaine Fryer

Elaine is a blessing to our congregation. She has an extensive music background and performs with her band “Southern Sunday” on top of helping our 11:00 choir. She has been one of the first to keep the congregation in musical harmony.







Dianna and JudieDianna Wagoner and Judie Wood are our Childcare Specialists.  Both of these ladies love children and bring years of Educational Experience to the table.  They are a true blessing for our Childcare Ministry.  If you haven’t had a chance to meet them, please take a moment to do so.